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Shaktimaan’s powers are virtually limitless. He can do practically anything he imagines. The only limit to his powers is his own belief in himself and his knowledge of how to manifest his powers. His powers come from his chakras. (Note: Although we’ll call them chakras in the bible, in the series dialogue they will also be called energy centers.)


• Energy Chakra (1): This chakra gives Shaktimaan super strength enabling him to fly, shoot fire from his hands, emit rays from his fingertips, blow a stream of freezing air, or send out protective force fields which nothing can penetrate (provided he can maintain his willpower and not give in). Shaktimaan’s strength allows him to physically penetrate anything and lift any object.

• Creative Chakra (2): This chakra gives Shaktimaan the power to manifest things out of thin air, but they can be unstable and comically fall apart or cause other problems if Shaktimaan is distracted and loses concentration.


• Astral Chakra (3): This chakra gives Shaktimaan the power to control his astral body (a semi-transparent, ethereal duplicate of himself) which can fly, walk through walls, spy on others, see inside objects, etc.


• Heart Chakra (4): This chakra gives Shaktimaan the power to control the will of others, but only for good. He can will people to do the right thing, see the error in their ways, or simply make someone buy him lunch. This power is most useful when Shaktimaan needs to stop someone who is under the control of Kilvish from doing evil.

• Vibration Chakra (5): This chakra gives Shaktimaan the power to control all types of vibrations, including sound waves, light waves, healing warmth, etc. He can also use it to hear ultrasonic sounds, and can speed up the vibrations of his own atoms allowing him to transport himself in space or time. This can be very useful for getting out of dangerous situations, or going back to yesterday to watch a TV show he forgot to Tivo.

• Psychic Chakra (6): This chakra gives Shaktimaan the power of the “third eye” which enables him to read minds and see anywhere in the world at any distance. He can sense impending danger and see things at any corner of the world. Being a young man, this power can be very tempting for Vehaan who can get into trouble by reading Leena’s mind.

• Wisdom Chakra (7): This chakra gives Shaktimaan the ability to know what is right and make good choices. It also gives him one of his few super weapons: his white cord of energy. Shaktimaan can use this to grab things and pull them closer like a tractor beam, tie up enemies without harming them, or swing even better than Spider-Man!


Vehaan Arya

Achilles’ Heel
Every hero needs an Achilles’ heel so that he doesn’t just defeat every adversary without the possibility of losing. Shaktimaan’s Achilles’ heel comes from the fact that he left the village of the 7 Gurus to stop Kilvish before he was done with his yogic training. Because of this, Shaktimaan doesn’t know everything about his many powers and can make mistakes, which also creates opportunities for humor. Another aspect of Shaktimaan’s Achilles’ heel comes from the fact that he is still a young man and can thus sometimes be too emotional, impatient, and make rash errors caused by youthful inexperience. He has all the powers he needs, but just has to learn how to effectively utilize them without his youthful enthusiasm and emotions getting in way.


Although Vehaan and Shaktimaan are the same person, they each manifest different motivations for their actions. Vehaan’s goal, as alter ego software geek, is to help the professor develop a super powerful antivirus software that will ultimately destroy Kilvish for good. He also is motivated to impress Leena and gain her affection.


  vehaan Arya

As Shaktimaan, his motivations are multifold, finish his yogic studies (when he can find the time) so he can better use his powers to help defend the people against Kilvish’s teach mankind how to be more responsible and use their own inner protect Leena who is always getting into danger...and to be a role model and an ideal hero to the kids.


Leena Ray

Leena is a beautiful, trendy, fashionable girl with a pure soul and gritty determination. She is a student in the journalism department of Indus University and wants desperately to start her career as a serious journalist. Her motto is: “You’ve got to snoop to get the scoop.”


Leena is extremely vocal about everything around her. She’s got an opinion about everything and is “always right”—at least in her mind—and never swayed by other’s arguments. Because of this she can be extremely impatient with others and often feels the world is full of idiots and fools who know nothing about anything; it’s only due to her intervention that anything gets done at all. Despite her shortcomings, Leena has a big heart and is a true friend.


Leena is also a neat freak; everything must be in its proper place, especially the clothes in her closet and her makeup.

  Leena Ray

She feels very uncomfortable if her makeup isn’t just right or her hair is out of place, especially before the camera, and is always putting on makeup and adjusting her hair before the tape rolls. This is especially true when she runs into Shaktimaan. Unfortunately for Vehaan, the opposite is true when Leena is around him. When she’s with Vehaan, Leena has no concern about what he thinks of her and so might have her hair in curlers, cream on her face, or wear her robe. Vehaan, of course, thinks Leena looks perfectly beautiful no matter what state she’s in.


Leena has a blog called Leena 24/7 which she hopes will help her become the next hot journalist sensation. She puts out blogs anytime, anywhere. She could be in the shower, in class, supermarket, in her car, in bed, at the dentist. She always has her mini HD camera or smart phone out recording interviews and situations, but mainly recording herself. But even more than her blog, Leena believes that the key to her journalistic dreams is getting a scoop on Shaktimaan. She’s always dreaming up big headlines with her byline, like: SHAKTIMAAN UNCOVERED, by Leena Ray. Her smart phone has a police scanner, and she follows internet “tweets” to learn what Shaktimaan is up to in hopes of getting there in time to get the scoop. She even knows the kids in the Shaktimaan Friend’s Club and occasionally gets tips from them about Shaktimaan.


Professor Gyani

Professor Gyani runs the AI lab at Indus University. The irony of the professor trying to develop artificial intelligence is that his mind is in a total hodgepodge of information, like a jammed hard drive that’s overstuffed with data and not enough RAM to put the information together in the right order. Thus, he rarely finishes a sentence and is constantly running off with wild, free-association streams of consciousness that are equally genius and non sequitur.


Think John Cleese meets Albert Einstein. No one can understand the professor except Vehaan, who often acts as his interpreter.


The professor’s lab is as cluttered as his mind. But for all his mental faults he is a warm, loving soul and would do anything for Vehaan or Leena. But most of all he passionately cares about Louise – the super computer he had designed with personality traits of his dearly deaprted maother , and it is this that propels his actions.


Professor Gyani has no idea that his geeky assistant Vehaan is really Shaktimaan. In fact, he’s often berating Vehaan for being such a nebbish and telling him he should act more confident, assertive and Shaktimaan (especially when dealing with his girlfriend, Leena).


  Professor Gyani

Like Q in the James Bond films, Professor Gyani develops wacky offensive and defensive computer-controlled smart weapons for use by the army to fight Kilvish. For example, he might build an AI surfboard with heat-seeking torpedoes and titanium shark teeth. But when he demonstrates it to General D’Goze it will likely attack the general and rip a hole in his uniform’s backside. In other words, they’ll result in lots of visual comedy. And each time General D’Goze puts one of the professor’s gizmos to use it will ultimately backfire and make a fool of the poor general.


Professor Gyani’s ultimate goal is to create the world’s first artificially intelligent anti-virus. He wants this to protect the world’s computers from cyber attack, while Vehaan wants it in order to destroy the ultimate evil virus—Kilvish!



Bumpy is Vehaan’s roommate and shares Vehaan’s apartment (usually failing to pay his half of the rent). He has every bad habit you can imagine and drives Vehaan crazy. He’s a slob, doesn’t study, is lazy, eats too much, gets no exercise, plays video games all day, etc. Vehaan tries to help Bumpy overcome his bad habits but can’t seem to manage it, despite his powers. In other words, Bumpy is the opposite of Shaktimaan, and Vehaan.


Bumpy is the only one who knows Vehaan is Shaktimaan. It’s not that Vehaan told him. Bumpy found out accidentally and now he wishes he didn’t know. But now that he does know, Shaktimaan sometimes uses Bumpy when he needs assistance with something he’s too busy to handle. (we might decide to use this as per the need of the script or may even drop this angle) Bumpy is a very nervous guy, with comical ticks and flinches, which manifest themselves whenever he senses danger.

Bumpy is an aspiring actor in the university drama department. He helps out Vehaan now and then with costumes and makeup, or pretends to be someone he’s not to gain some information. In return, Vehaan does the homework that Bumpy is too lazy to do. Bumpy dreams of stardom but he’s not willing to work for it.


One day he wants to be a movie star, the next a stand-up comic, the next a rap star. Whoever is on the front cover of the grocery tabloids is who Bumpy wants to be. He’s always dreaming of his big break and is constantly looking for the easy way to riches, like winning the lottery or suing a restaurant when he finds a fly in his soup. He often gets crazy ideas about how Shaktimaan can help him make a million bucks by turning lead into gold or traveling into the future to see tomorrow’s sports scores so he can bet on today’s games.


Bumpy is the guy that Vehaan will talk to in order to reveal his inner thoughts, especially about his affection for Leena.



Professor Gyani has designed a super computer named LOUISE—short for Laser Optical Unified Intelligent Software Entity. But what wasn’t mentioned is that the professor built LOUISE based on personality traits from his dear departed mother. The professor adored his mother despite the fact that she was domineering and continually chastised him. Now he’s got the most powerful, nagging, condescending AI super computer on Earth—and he couldn’t be happier. LOUISE is the ultimate in artificial intelligence. Simply put, LOUISE is a know-it-all. Think of her as a female Google with attitude.



Professor Gyani has a very weird relationship with LOUISE. You might say he’s in love with her. It’s nothing romantic. It’s the kind of love a son feels for his mother. The professor loves LOUISE dearly and treats her as if she were alive, bringing her flowers and chocolates and birthday cards. She’s the only one in the world he will allow to make him wrong.

The professor is constantly trying to improve LOUISE’s artificial intelligence. Via Wi-Fi, he puts her programming into cars, jets, robots, toasters and anything else that might turn into a weapon which General D’Goze can use to battle the mysterious monsters and disasters that besiege the world. But LOUISE’s software continually and comically fails each trial. Vehaan tries to tell the professor it’s impossible to create true artificial intelligence, and that real intelligence comes from life energy, but the wacky professor just won’t listen. His mother was perfect, and LOUISE will be too. Truth is, down deep, Professor Gyani really just wants to bring back his mother.


Vehaan knows that LOUISE is not alive, but is just the amalgamation of terabytes of binary data packed into her huge optical memory banks. But Vehaan also knows that LOUISE might just be the key to ultimately destroying Kilvish.


General D’Goze

General D’Goze is one tough soldier with a perpetual scowl and an iron clenched jaw. But as tough as he looks, he’s really all bluster and no brains. The General is in charge of a squad of commandos with state-of-the-art military weapons and vehicles, tasked with a secret mission to stop the evil attacks and disasters that are happening around the world, and, if possible, find and destroy whoever is behind them. Vehaan knows it’s Kilvish, but not the general. Because no one other than Shaktimaan has ever seen Kilvish, the General doesn’t even believe he exists. Vehaan tries to prove that he does, but the General is never convinced (probably because the very idea of an omnipotent evil being scares the pants off him).

General D’Goze wants the world to see him, rather than Shaktimaan, as their one and only savior. That’s why the general despises Shaktimaan, because he always makes the general look foolish by defeating the villains and resolving the missions the general is unable to handle.


  General D-Goze

The General relies on Professor Gyani and Vehaan to develop AI super weapons he can use to defeat Kilvish’s evil. But these are the professor’s wacky weapons that always fail in some disastrous or comical way. Because the General controls the government funding that subsidizes the lab he can threaten the professor to do whatever he wants or he’ll cut off the funding.


Major Meek

A general has to have an adjutant and Major Meek is it. Meek is the General D’Goze’s boot-licking yes-man. He has contempt for General D’Goze and thinks he knows better. Major Meek is suspicious of Vehaan and knows he’s hiding something. He wants to find out so he can impress the general and get promoted. But he always screws up, getting KP duty or other humiliating punishments.

Major Meek will do the dirty work for the general. As most generals, D’Goze likes to delegate duties to others and take credit for their successes. Most of the time the major gets comically trashed and his missions fail miserably.

  Major Meek


A brave and much decorated officer of the Indus City Police Force who has taken his job a little too seriously. Catching criminals has become such an obsession that he once arrested a 5 year old for taking her classmates pencilbox. Needless to say, no one interferes with his grand scheme of ‘maintaining law and order’.


His foolhardiness is his biggest weapon. So obsessed is he with keeping Indus City safe that he’ll walk into a minefield without realizing where he is, because he thinks the criminals are hidden there.


His antics cause a lot of humor and so does his general demeanor. His aim in life is to head the National Security Agency. And he’s constantly trying to prove he is up to the job. Even though no one is asking him too.


He hates Shaktimaan for he knows that He can’t match up to the true hero. Although most often he tries to prove as if it was him who trained Shaktimaan to become the hero that people perceive him as.


College Rowdies

They are a bunch of young kids in the college who gets fun in bulling Vehaan. But Leena manages to put them in place whenever she finds them harassing Vehaan.


A lanky boy, a thickset one and a back- biting girl are the three college rowdies who will constantly keep bothering Vehaan They also will be in the hostel that Vehaan stays at and will have a part to play as comic relief.

  College Rowdies


Kilvish is the main villain of the series. He is pure evil to say the least. Think of Kilvish as “The Devil” and you’ll understand what he’s about. He brings out evil tendencies in others and causes them to do evil for him. All he has to do is whisper to someone and he can instantly control them with his evil hypnotic mind.

Kilvish has all of the powers of Shaktimaan, but his use of these powers is twisted toward evil. He can also do a few things that Shaktimaan can’t, like forcing people to do as he wills, and instilling painful emotions. While Shaktimaan embodies all the virtues of man, Kilvish embodies the opposite: he is vicious, arrogant, ambitious, wicked and impatient. Kilvish will confront Shaktimaan with various evil characters and monsters in each episode.

Like the Devil, Kilvish works behind the scenes. He’s not like Lex Luthor who was a villain everyone knew about. Kilvish is more covert, and other than his two henchmen, Shaktimaan, Dr. Jakol and the 7 gurus are the only ones who know he exists.



Kilvish dwells in a dark, mysterious, underground lair with a creepy mixture of high technology and dark mysticism. Imagine a lair designed by H. R. Geiger (Alien) with pulsating fiber-optic “nerves” and “veins” connecting Kilvish’s evil underworld to the world above. Kilvish has managed to tap the demonic energy of the dead via his high-tech cyber-soul apparatus. He even has a glowing container of lost “cyber souls” which he can inject into his cyber-optic nerve channels and send into anything run with computers, thus animating things and turning them into monsters. Nothing is safe. You might call Kilvish the ultimate cyber hacker, though in truth he’s more of a virus than anything else.


Kilvish’s ultimate goal is to overwhelm positive life energy and control all humans via his cyber-soul virus, and thereby take command of the world. Think of him as the Devil with state of the art technology. He wants to destroy anything that is good because the positive life energy of goodness is all that stands in his way. That is why first and foremost Kilvish must destroy Shaktimaan.

Kilvish surveils the world above with the giant crystal sphere at the center of his eerier fiber optic network. The sphere contains the trapped cyber souls in a swirling liquid. Kilvish is constantly on the lookout for disasters he can take advantage of or flawed humans he can force to do his bidding. Kilvish will sometimes come up with his own evil schemes and sometimes exploit the evil in man. He will create human and inhuman monsters to battle Shaktimaan, such as demons of walking lava or subway trains turned into fire-breathing dragons on wheels. Anything wickedly clever is liable to come out of his deranged mind. And occasionally, Kilvish will confront Shaktimaan head on and when Kilvish initiates one of his evil schemes he’ll always say: “Darkness shall prevail.”


Tick and Tock

Tick and Tock are Kilvish’s henchmen. They are sleazy, human lowlifes who work for Kilvish half out of fear and half out of hopes of someday catching a break and gaining some power or wealth for themselves. Tick is a gaunt, black-haired man who drips will contempt. He’s the brains of the two, though not by more than a few IQ points. Tock is a giant of a man, like Frankenstein. He doesn’t talk much. He just does the “heavy lifting” as directed by Tick.


Tick and Tock are a virtual slapstick duo. Tick will constantly berate Tock for his stupidity and ineptness. Tock will get him back, not on purpose, but by his actions always causing Tick some physical or emotional grief. Tick is so self-righteous and condescending that the audience will love to see him get his justice. Tick and Tock will be the source of much of the comic relief as they screw up their missions and get threatened with horrible fates by Kilvish.

  Tick And Tock

Shaktimaan Friend’s Club

The Shaktimaan Friend’s Club is made up of about a half-dozen boys and girls, all around 8 years old. They have a makeshift clubhouse in an alley. The clubhouse is full of Shaktimaan news clippings, toys, comics, photos, etc. They have a notebook computer on which they sometimes see what’s happening with Shaktimaan in the news. They are all huge fans of Shaktimaan and wear his costume, emulate him, etc.


Because we’ve already got too many characters, only three of the fan club members will have speaking parts:


  Shaktimaan Friends Club

He is the younger brother of Leena. Chikoo is quiet a smart kid with an eye for gadgets and experiments. He loves his elder sister more than anything. He is a super hero comics buff and keeps imagining himself growing up as a superhero himself someday just like Shaktimaan. He loves learning the martial art form of Kalaripayattu and often calls himself Chikooman – the savior.

Jovey is a fast-talking kid who knows absolutely everything there is to know about Shaktimaan. He’s a walking encyclopedia of Shaktimaan trivia right down to the size of his shoes and his favorite toothpaste. Jovey has a Shaktimaan collection like no one else, including a bent pipe Shaktimaan wrapped around a bad guy and a piece of gum he chewed.


Mona is a tomboy. She thinks Shaktimaan is “kickin’ awesome” and knows all his moves: infrared eye zap, psychic mind touch, spiral launch. She can’t do them worth beans, but that doesn’t affect her enthusiasm.


The 7 gurus

These are the seven gurus who trained Vehaan/Shaktimaan. They represent the 7 chakras of man. They have no names, and are differentiated only by the color of their robes. Shaktimaan trains with the gurus once in each episode, either before the story gets going or before a mission to learn a specific technique. He may also communicate with them during an episode if he needs advice to get out of some difficult situation. He can reach them phycologically. Shaktimaan usually trains with just one of his gurus, though the others may be present. Sometimes meditation will be part of Shaktimaan’s training routine.

The 7 gurus can contact Vehaan whenever he or they want via psychic projection of their thoughts or astral bodies. When they train with him they will usually be in their astral forms (semi-transparent). They can be in his apartment, or Vehaan/Shaktimaan can be in their Himalayan enclave. The gurus will impart the idea that it takes understanding, confidence, dedication and years of practice to attain one’s full potential. Think of Vehaan as having 7 Yodas at your disposal and you’ll understand the relationship.

The gurus are above the mundane doings of life and will never be directly involved in any of the stories (with the exception of perhaps one story where Kilvish tries to get to Shaktimaan through his gurus).

The 7 Gurus

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